Avast safe price

Avast safe price is a browser extension that is free of cost and installs automatically when you are installing a free version of Avast software.

Avast safe price like other software requires your permission to get installed on your pc but due to not unchecking a box during installation allow this extension to be installed. It is an extra feature that comes with any Avast software like antivirus and cleans up software.

The problem with this extension is that it troubles you with different ads that pop out when you are working on the internet or using your browser for any other purpose. These ads make you buy different features that are additional and not trustworthy. They also generate revenue when you click on it.

Some useful notes

To help you understand this article, please take note of the following details:

Browser here means Google chrome

I am disabling the Avast safe price.

The first thing we need to know is how you will disable this software.

There is a permanently disable option available after you have installed this extension. The ads that pop out after you install this one shows a permanent disable option, but it does not disable this one permanently.

You can directly disable this software by visiting settings options in the Avast software.

In case if the deactivation option doesn?t appear on your screen, don?t worry, you can directly disable the Avast SafePrice extension by going into the Avast software settings options.

The above process discussed will only disable this software temporarily. To permanently remove this software you need to follow the methods discussed below.

Removing Avast safe price extension

Let?s have a look at different methods you can use to remove Avast safe price extension from your browser. There are different ways to remove Avast safe price here we will discuss some tested methods.

Using the control panel

  1. Go to start option click on the menu bar and select control panel.
  2. For Windows 8, click on windows icon and find the control panel.
  3. For Windows 10, click the start menu select settings and then select Apps and Features.
  4. click uninstall the program
  5. Now select the ?Uninstall Program? from the ?Control Panel? list, which is located in the program section
  6. Sometimes the malicious program may not appear with its original name. In this case, sort all the applications by the installation date and find an unknown name.

Using browser

If you are unable to find the Avast safe price software in your control panel program and features, go to your browser directly and follow the following steps

  1. Go to your browser and find Menu at the top right.
  2. Click on More tools option and select extensions from the list.
  3. For now, you will see Avast safe price with a lot of other extensions installed in your browser.
  4. As a final step, click on the Avast safe price and click on remove.

Resetting Your browser

You need to reset your browser if you could not remove the Avast safe price from your browser after following the above steps. We will show you how to reset the browser in the following steps.

  1. Open your browser and go to Menu option at the right of your screen.
  2. Click on settings and find ?show advanced settings.?
  3. From the advanced settings list, you will see a reset settings option.
  4. Click on the reset. It will ask your confirmation for the operation.
  5. After your confirmation to the operation, your browser will be reset, and the Avast safe price extension is now removed.

Using third-party software

There is a third method in case you couldn?t remove the extension through the above two methods. For this method, you need to install anti-malware software.

You can buy anti-malware software, or you could use a free version. Choose the paid version because it is more reliable and allows you to remove all malicious activities from your device at once.

Avast safe price is an extension that is added to your browser with your permission. You allow this extension to be installed in your browser unknowingly by installing an Avast product. Avast safe price can be annoying and disturbing. There are many ways to remove this extension from your browser.  

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