Avast game mode

Avast game mode is a great feature that is introduced by Avast for pc gamers. It has the function of automatically adjusting to your PC settings and will block any notifications when you are playing a game or watching a movie.

It feels great to play high-quality games like GTA V, PUBG and many more on your personal computer, but there are few things associated with playing games on your pc. Let?s find out what they are:

The first thing is that games affect your computer system even when you are operating on the latest version of a gaming pc. Secondly, these games don?t want any other program running on your computer or their performance is affected.

It is now a tendency for gamers to turn off their computer security system before they go on to play the game, which is very risky. When a security system is turned off any malware can attack your device.

Let?s discuss the best way to play a game on your computer without turning off your security system.

Game mode function of Avast

Many factors let the creation of Avast game mode. This software is specially designed for gamers who want to secure their computer yet they also don?t want their PC to run slow.

This Avast game provides maximum protection to your pc without lags. It doesn?t interrupt the gameplay with annoying messages. Here is the list of functions that the Avast game mode do:

It has the feature of muting all the notification which causes no interruption while you are on your game screen. Not only can it mute the notifications but also it pause the updates and make sure you are not disturbed for a second.

The Avast game mode prioritizes the focus of your CPU on the game. In this way, your PC performs well.

You can now enjoy your pc game with all relevant controls as the Avast game mode will make sure the game is not interrupted for a few seconds, and also it does not create a false positive.

Working of Avast game mode

The Avast game mode can detect when you are playing a game on your pc. In this way, Avast does all the work in the background to ensure you are running a game without annoying lags and interruptions.

If for some reason, Avast game mode does not automatically run you can turn it on manually.

Following is the method of turning Avast game mode on

  1. Click on the Avast shortcut icon on the desktop and find performance.
  2. In this section, look for a game mode option look for an Add game option and select it,
  3. the Select the execution file in the installation folder of your game. This file is placed in the folder where your full game is installed.
  4. After you add the game mode, select Activate Game Mode and press launch and save. Now Avira will automatically get activated when you launch the game every time.


Game mode is designed to help you get maximum protection while playing your favorite video game and without any interruption. The game mode is specifically designed to prevent notification and any other system lags that could be annoying and disturbing during a game.

In short, this Avast game mode is something you need when you are an avid gamer and want to feel no interruption with your favorite game when your security suite is activated.

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