VPN 360 for PC and Mobile

In the review, we will take a look at vpn 360, its main features and the best protective options in the cyber market.

VPN 360 app

New technologies afford hackers to track personal details, important information of your devices, including passwords, mailboxes, banking details. The need for severe protection of devices becomes of high value. This situation causes the establishment of VPN(s) in the cyber market. Their main responsibility is to protect your information and give you access to some protected servers that you need for work. VPN 360 is a first-rating program to accomplish successfully protective issues on your mobile and computer as well. Access to other services can be straightforwardly provided by the program at the different times you want.

VPN 360 for different devices

A three-step process is required with downloading the app on your PC:

  1. Go to the installation of BlueStack on your computer (take into account, it should be in the running form).
  2. Open My Apps, look for VPN 360 and launch it directly to your PC.
  3. The last thing is to log in via your Google account to download the program successfully.

Cons of VPN 360

  • Excellent speed of the server — The best download speeds are concerned with the program as the greatest advantage. Streaming videos and downloading the files will be surprisingly preferable with the use of this VPN service. You won’t have any trouble running the device at the optimal speed.
  • Simple in use — The service used to be a little bit old with a smart interface. It is straightforward to deal with for users with different technical knowledge. Connecting to a server and running the menu is rather simple and obvious.
  • Capable and easy sign-up process — It is no need to sign up. This service is available even if you download it without entering personal details. Sign-up is required with a paid version.

Pros of the program

  • The low number of servers for shopping — Shopping for VPN is sometimes not so convenient as it seems to be, because this service applies to less than ten proposed servers.
  • No-go Netflix — Server list considered to be short. Netflix’s access is usually denied.
  • No torrenting — Torrenting doesn’t work via this service. As it is unpopular on your mobile and without an app on your PC it won’t be available.
  • Bad logging policy — It is expected that personal details will be given to authorities in some cases.

Summing up

All in all, the app is simple and available when using it on your desktop and mobile as well. The speeds of the VPN 360 are really preferable. Mind, you cannot run banking operations secretly because of the authorities.

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