Corporate security adviser: Share your most sensitive information via Data Room only

For an enterprise of any size, solving the problem of fast and reliable data exchange is becoming increasingly important. In this article, we will consider Virtual Data Room as a reliable tool for sharing business data. 

The basis of corporate security

Corporate networks are an integral part of the infrastructure of modern companies. Important information, including confidential information, is transmitted over the corporate network. The pace and scale of cyberattacks continue to grow. Thus, ensuring the security of information transmitted over a corporate network is one of the most pressing problems facing organizations of all industries and sizes.

More and more companies are using remote access to improve the efficiency of problem-solving, increase employee productivity and increase the efficiency of processes, although this is not equally important for all industries.

Virtual Data Room – a win-win solution for corporate security system

To improve the efficiency of information security tools, Virtual Data Rooms are being actively promoted on the market. They allow you to centrally collect and analyze the flow of events coming from protection tools. Besides, this platform provides a secure collaborative workspace and digital warehouse for sensitive business data. 

Data Room systems are the most common class of security corporate information systems. This class of information systems implements an organizational strategy for the integration of production, management of human resources, assets, financial management. This strategy is designed to carry out continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise resources.

Data Room providers from use the following security measures:

  • Using a centralized authentication and authentication system.
  • Separation of access rights to documents and resources. Implementation of the practice of control over obtaining access, when obtaining new access is possible only with the approval of the company’s management.
  • Using password policies – defining the requirements for passwords and their regular change, implemented at the software level.
  • Regulation of users’ work in the network. Description of permitted and prohibited actions, password policies, rules of access to certain resources.
  • Implementation of cryptographic means to protect the information in case of loss of laptops or storage media, protection of e-mail.

Data Room security requirements

For a holistic solution to the problems of ensuring the security of corporate information systems, Data Room should provide the following qualities:

  • Effective filtering of traffic not only at the network level but also at the application level. This is due to the proliferation of applications that can tunnel their traffic through ports that are always open on firewalls. They can be effectively disabled only at the application level. The use of products that enable this will significantly increase the security of the network infrastructure.
  • Developed control mechanisms. A single console for managing network infrastructure protection helps you optimize the cost of operating protection tools. The intuitive interface of the monitoring system allows you to quickly track security incidents and minimize the time to eliminate the consequences. This allows the organization to redirect network security professionals to more critical tasks. Ensuring high productivity.
  • Defending against today’s threats requires very careful analysis of network traffic, which can cause a bottleneck where a firewall or IPS limits the overall performance of a network. This, in turn, creates problems in the functioning of business-critical applications and the operation of the organization as a whole. In the past, balancing security and performance has required a trade-off in every organization. High-performance devices avoid this and provide both a high level of security and a high level of productivity.
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