Avira antivirus for 2019

Avira antivirus 2019 version is lightweight but heavy duty protection suite for your computer system.  If you are already using any previous version of Avira antivirus, you will be familiar with this interface as it has no change.

Avira antivirus pro has many different packages at different prices. You can choose to have a suite for a single device, or you may want a standard package that is useful for more than five devices. These packages are of the high price as compared to the other antivirus premium packages.

You can subscribe to Avira prime to have access to many useful features like antivirus pro, identity protection, system optimizer, password manager and a VPN.

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019.

Speaking of the interface of Avira antivirus pro-2019, it welcomes you when you click on the software and shows your system status. The green color indicates that you are safe while the red color means that your system has a problem. It also gives you the option of a quick scan and informs you about when the last scan was taken.

You can turn any module on or off by merely visiting It through the menu.

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019?s scan options.

There are a lot of scanning options available to you. You can either choose a quick scan, full scan or a custom scan based on your availability and time. You can also scan a USB drive, the options to scan a USB drive will appear once you insert a USB device into the USB port.

Activity section of Avira antivirus

All the malicious files are moved to the Quarantine section of the software.

Avira 2019 System Speedup

You can now buy a full-featured Avira prime if you wish to have a pc protection suit for about ten computers within your home or office.  Avira prime is comparatively cheaper than the other available premium packages of other antivirus suites. Home Guard and speed up utility are among some other useful features that come with Avira prime.

Avira prime offers a great package, but many of these features are available free on the internet from various third parties.

Avira antivirus free version protects your system from malware with it is a very lightweight on the system. If you need full protection for your whole family or office, you need to install an Avira prime. Avira prime has an excellent package in terms of price if you install this security software to 10 computers.


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