AVG Ultimate

AVG ultimate allows you multiple installations so you can now have a professional security suite for your whole family to protect their computers. It is expensive security software and offers a lot of useful features that ensure full protection of your system from different known and unknown malware.

Buying this ultimate security suite will not allow you access to the VPN and Password manager tools, and you have to buy them separately. You can buy this software from a third party quoting a lower price.

This ultimate package includes PC tuneup that helps in appreciating the performance of your computer system by offering you some useful features.

This software offers you two types of protections namely file shield and behavior shield. The purpose of the file shield is to scan a particular file when a program on the system wants to open it. The use of the behavior shield is that it stops an application to act suspiciously suddenly.

Similarly, the web shield and email shield runs to check the files you download from the internet to ensure your computer is protected from any malware. Email shield scans an email you receive for malware.

AVG final like many other AVG products shows your system connections with another system throughout the world in real time.

This software has a module named as a ransomware which is a smart mode of this program. This module decides what programs are asking for your data and how they should be trusted.

If you want to save your time and want to scan a particular set of folders that have useful data, you can add that folder in the protected folders area of the program. In this way, you can quickly scan them daily.

This ultimate protection suit also comes with a safe data option that allows you to encrypt your data using 256-Bit AES technology. Any file that is saved in the protection folder cannot be accessed or hacked without a valid key.

This software also has a do not disturb mode that is very handy when you are playing games or watching a movie. You can also add a full-screen mode to the do not worry list for the automatic function.

Not only that, AVG fake website shield can protect your bank accounts or any other monetary accounts you use for online shopping to be accessed by the counterfeit websites.


AVG ultimate is a complete system security package for your whole family. This software ensures full protection of your data by detecting any malware that could affect your system.

This software has many useful tools that you can use for maximum security of your computer.

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