AVG antivirus review

This antivirus works with almost every operating system. It offers a scanning facility to your system. Also, it blocks dangerous websites which may affect your computer. It also includes a feature of performance optimizer.

AVG offers more protection to you with its premium packages. It has a package of AVG internet security, Antivirus pro mobile app and AVG ultimate. Every package has its own best service.

How AVG protects you

AVG and Avast have a similar malware detection system. AVG is different in design and has its way of scanning, detecting, and removing malware from the system. Identical to other antivirus software,  AVG detects malware by its digital signature and keenly look for unknown malware through their malicious behavior.

AVG send any possible threat to AVG lab for careful inspection. If the suspected file is proved to be malware, it is assigned a digital signature. This digital signature is sent worldwide to different AVG users via an AVG update.

With AVG, you have different scanning options available. You can start scanning your pc with a quick scan which scans for any malware in the few common areas. Or you can choose a variant of deep scan that scans through every file on the system.

Performance measurement

AVG performance of detecting a malware having a digital signature is exceptional. However, it sometimes does not recognize and remove malware not having a digital signature.

AVG antivirus scored 95 percent on a test of malware detection which is considered very poor compared to the other available antivirus software.

How AVG secure your data

AVG has the facility of file shredder which makes your file disappear in no time. AVG also has some premium facilities available like Tuneup performance scanner that looks for binary data and removes catch files that are not required. Also, it offers AVG secure VPN on a month trial after that you have to pay a yearly rent.

Usually, AVG antivirus is lightweight and don?t affect the smooth running of your computer.

A lot of custom benchmark tests has proved this point on the different types of computers such as desktop and laptop. Also, on different system specifications as well.

Your first experience with AVG

AVG antivirus offers a beautiful dark interface with a green circle and a check mark. It displays a tick sign when no malware is detected in your system after a quick or deep scan. However, it shows a question mark often in the red color to show a detected malware.

Some options on the screen are available to premium customers only. However, you can use all of the basic features of the free version.

If you want to use gaming mode or you want to check the USB for malware, you have to do it manually. You can schedule your scanning daily, monthly and yearly. Most people prefer monthly scanning schedule.

AVG antivirus is a lightweight and free program with a beautiful interface. It is most suitable for detecting the moderate level of malware and allows you to scan your computer on a monthly, weekly and yearly basis.

In short, this antivirus program ensures maximum protection and keeps you well protected from malware.

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